LA Rams: New logo, new problems?

If you search the LA Rams online you’re going to only get one thing at the moment. News article, upon news article about their new logo. Where are the stories of their additions in the Free Agency? It looks like the only thing they’ve added so far is the new logo, and possibly new problems.

In 2018 all of us were in awe of the Rams, this young exciting, high scoring team. Why wouldn’t we be? They stormed to the Super Bowl with a 13-3 record. Despite struggling on the big stage the future looked bright for McVay and co. Most had them making their way back to the Super Bowl for the 2019 season, how wrong were we!

The following season would prove to be a rocky one for LA. They would miss out on the playoffs and really looked like they took a step back. It’s not uncommon for teams to hit a Super Bowl hangover but the Rams haven’t done anything to address it yet.

It’s hard not to worry about their 2020 outlook when they’ve not added anything noteworthy, other than a new logo. Instead they’ve let players go, most notably their former star Todd Gurley. Yes, Gurley didn’t look like he was fully fit, and perhaps he’s never going to reach the same heights, but where is the move to replace such a loss? Losing such an influential player without a replacement is going to hamper their attacking play even more, and put more pressure on Goff, who is still yet to prove himself.

In addition to that they have also let go of Dante Fowler, Clay Matthews, Cory Littleton, Michael Brockers, Greg Zuerlein, and a number of others. Just those players mentioned combined for 90 starts. That’s an average of 15 starts per a player. These weren’t just backups. These were key players.

Let’s take a look.

Players Added: 0
Players Re-Signed: 3
Players Released: 16

Logos Added: 3

That’s shocking.
Looking at the players who have left by position:

  • OLB x 3
  • ILB x 2
  • WR x 2
  • S x 2
  • CB
  • K
  • QB
  • DE
  • T
  • DT
  • RB

So realistically above is showing most if not all their needs. By the way….they only have 6 draft picks! What is the end game?

I honestly am flabbergasted as to why the Rams have not acted on their needs. Last year I thought they were making a return to the big stage, but unless something drastic happens I won’t be making the same mistake.

The coming months are going to be huge, and I don’t think any other franchise has as much at stake. and as much to do, as the Rams do. If I’m McVay or Goff, I’d start to worry. The clock is ticking.