Is the Patriot era of Tom Brady coming to an end?

Rumours have been flying for quite some time about the future of one of the greatest players of the game. I remember us discussing in our podcast the possibility of Tom Brady leaving New England and thus ending his long lived success with Bill Belichick, and the Patriots.

These rumours flared up when reports came out about him and his trainer putting their houses up for sale. This would later be cleared up as a general move, having no impact on his future playing location.

Still, Brady’s future is up in the air. Day after day we see reports coming in of supposed talks, or likely landing spots. If he is to join the free agency it would be a historic one!

Let’s delve into the possibilities.

Tennessee Titans

Love is in the air

Maybe I’m just adding these to the list to keep Kevin, our resident Titan fan, happy. However the bookies have the Titans moving high up on the list of possible landing spots.

The links make sense. Tannehill is set to hit free agency himself, so the Titans are in need of a QB. Thanks to the heroics of Tannehill, they don’t have a great draft pick this year, so maybe going after the legend that is Brady, and then focusing on bringing in your future long term QB makes sense. Let him sit and learn behind Brady. This point could be used for any team that gets him however.

What’s possibly stoked this landing spot the most is his relationship with Titans head coach Mike Vrabel. Former teammates and drinking buddies, these two have a long relationship dating back to 2001. A facetime call with Brady and Vrabel during a basketball game could have stoked the speculation, but again they are good friends, and Mike said it was just a catch-up call with a buddy.

Time will tell.

Oakland Las Vegas Raiders

Maybe I’m too harsh on the guy

I’ll never get used to the Las Vegas Raiders. The main hype about this is that the new franchise location team what a star to go with their new star location.

Obtaining a QB like Brady would do wonders for their new start in Vegas and see the stands packed for every game. Commercially it’s what they want.

To go with this, Raiders head coach Chucky (or Jon Gruden) is apparently not convinced that Derek Carr has what it takes. We’ve been getting this vibe from him since he arrived.

I’m sure he would jump at the chance of working with Brady but does Tom want to work with him, and start off this new path with a team finding its feet in a new home? I’m not buying into this one.

San Francisco 49ers

The master and the apprentice

This one started off as a weak one but has since made movements. Now the 49ers are a Super Bowl built team. Ready to go. Perfect for Brady, over something like the Raiders rebuild.

But after they reached the Super Bowl you’d wonder would they want to lose Jimmy G?

If rumours that head coach Shanahan isn’t sold on Jimmy, and that he feels he needs to bring someone else in then this works out for everyone.

Patriots get back Jimmy G, remain strong Super Bowl contenders with a player Bill knows well. 49ers get a legendary QB with eyes on another Super Bowl run. Brady, a life long 49ers fan, gets to live out his dream.

It also means that the 49ers can use Brady to bridge the gap while they look for their long term successor without committing a big money contract to a guy like Jimmy.

This all depends on whether or not Kyle Shanahan actually wants to move on from Garoppolo, but I’d love for this scenario to happen. Can just picture the Patriots Vs 49ers Super Bowl!

New England Patriots

Yup final option, and most likely, is that he’ll sign on with the Pats again…