The 7 biggest disappointments of the 2019 NFL thus far

No Antonio Brown

The name might condure nightmares for Oakland Raiders and New England Patriots fans but for everyone else it was entertaining as hell. From scorching his feet, to threatening retirement over a helmet, to being ship to the Patriots only to be released over rape and sexual assault accusations. The man really knew how to entertain. He also was one of the best wide receivers in the league who made stupidly good catches. He has been missed

The Oakland Raiders

This one is linked to AB. The Raiders went all out this offseason and acquired AB, Vontaze Burfict and Richie Incognito. What a shower of nutters. Let’s bare in mind that the man in control of them was Jon Gruden who you could question mentally as well. And yet they have disappointed. Instead of fireworks off the field, we have seen AB leave the team, Burfict suspended for the season by week 4 and very little from Incognito. The Raiders are actually having a successful season by Raiders comparisons in recent years. So disappointing.

No Hue Jackson

If he isn’t there, you just don’t hate him as much. Well, you do but it doesn’t cross your mind as much. No doubt the sith lord will return.

The Bengals

Every offseason, I fall for the same trick. On paper the Bengals have a next nice squad. And every season they just are terrible. This was the first year without Marvin Lewis in charge of 16 season and its being to make him look like a good coach. Was he actually a good coach?

The Cardinals

The air raid was deemed to be a new and fresh offence that NFL defences would struggle with. While the team has an average of 22 points per game, they have only 3 wins under their belts against the Bengals, Giants and pre-resurrected Falcons. This offence has looked threatening with Kyler Murray at the helm from time to time but it might not be for another year or two before we see it flourish into something more.

No Kaepernick

Hey! Here at FoolProofFootball, we are not against racial inequality and police brutality. Let the man play or at least give him a commentating gig. He would have some very interesting takes I feel.

LA raiders

From superbowl runner ups to losing to Mason Rudolph. Where did it all go wrong? Maybe Aaron Donald should have taken a page out of Myles Garnett’s poetry book and attacked him. Or even better, attack his own quarterback so the team could start the future hall of famer Blake Bortles to save the season.

I won’t complain too much however. When I cast my eyes back to the dark days of May and June when I spent my sundays evening outside in the fresh summer air, I rejoice at how lucky to have football from September until February. And of course, it’s likely the Bengals will fire their current head coach, whoever that is, and put Hue Jackson in charge for the next 16 years.