Fast 5: Week 11 Takes

Another week is down. And lord don’t we all know what was the talk of the town. Everyone please keep your helmets on as we jump in to my bias opinions and takes of the previous week of football.

Take 1: It’s time for the Chargers to look ahead

I like Philip Rivers as much as the next guy, but it’s definitely time for the Chargers to start thinking about the future of the position.

Maybe I’m blowing this out of proportion due to his dismal INT riddled game during the week, coupled by the fact that he cost me a fantasy football win. But come on. Analysts were even saying maybe it was time to bench him. Now I’ll admit. I had to Google their depth chart. Sure Taylor ain’t bad (I initially thought it was Geno!) but if that’s the line of conversation going around it’s time to hang up the cleats.

It certainly will make the franchise begin to think about this. His wife will be delighted though. 9 kids at home? Probably time you helped her out Phil.

Take 2: Panthers might want to hit the breaks on their Cam trade ideas

A bit of a flip or contrast from my first take. Panthers have been living off the high of a Christian McCaffrey led team. When Cam went down Kyle Allen stepped in and stepped up. Understandably rumours swirled about Panthers plan for Cam.

Well just as many seemed to link him to Chicago and Carolina place him on IR, Kyle Allen decides to implode. Hilarious timing really.

It’s only one game for now. But monitor this one closely. Run CMC (I hope that catches on) may have only been masking any QB concerns. I really think Panthers need to test out what Allen and Grier have ability wise. Unfortunately I don’t see them putting the spotlight on the QBs while they are still playoff contenders.

Take 3: Jon Gruden and the Raiders have me worried

I have been ripping into Jon Gruden and the Raiders for some time. But they are looking to add themselves to my list of failed predictions for the year.

They’ve been quietly going about their business and now sit a 6-4. Wait. What the hell? 6-4? How has this happened. Like, they are only a win behind the Chiefs. Christ almighty.

Raiders have avoided much of the media attention and controversies this year and really haven’t made much noise. Doesn’t matter though as they are seriously eyeing up a playoff spot. Unfortunately. Yes. That’s bias.

Take 4: Vikings v Broncos summed up this Vikings team perfectly

It would be cruel to single out Kirk, who actually had a good game, but this clash summed up everything you feel towards the Vikings.

First half of football they looked awful. Out of rhythm completely. Their offense was stuttering and their defence was completely awful. You went in to the half time break asking yourself how you ever thought this team was a contender.

Then they come rocking out in the second, storm to a brilliant comeback and you’re shouting to anyone who will listen (as few as there are) how good Kirk Cousins and the Vikings really are.

And that’s the thing with the Vikings. No one has an idea. They could easily win a Super Bowl this year, or miss the playoffs. I could see it going either way, neither really surprising.

Take 5: Myles Garrett is not nearly as smart as I thought he was

I always thought Myles was a smart guy. A very cool, calm and intelligent player. A bit of a savant. Well I was fooled anyway.

Sure Rudolph was acting like an idiot too, but with 8 seconds to go in the game to lose your cool like that and hit a player over the head with their own helmet is beyond stupid. Now if he had of beaten him with his own cleat, perhaps I’d be applauding him here.

Was something straight out of Happy Gilmore, where Adam Sandler tells how he attacked a player with the players own skate. It’s never good to be comparable to Adam Sandler. Case closed.

Also send some sympathy to Mason Rudolph’s poor head. That thing has been taking a beating.