Christian McCaffery is a freak! But how?

Christian McCaffrey has dominated this season so far. He has single handedly carried the Panthers offence this season leading the all purpose scrimmage yards, yards per game and TDS. So where did he come from? And how is a such a freak of an athlete?

Did you know Christian’s father was also in the NFL? Not alone was he in the NFL but he was a three time Superbowl winner haven played with the Giants, 49ers and Broncos as a wide receiver. Ed McCaffrey also had a pro bowl year in 1998. We are beginning to get to the bottom of McCaffrey’s freak athleticism. And his father was lucky enough to put his sperm inside the daughter of an olympic sprinter who also happened to be his wife. Ed’s that is. Lisa was noted as a stand out soccer player at her college year’s at Stanford. Christian ran a 4.48 second 40 yard dash during his combine workout. that is 0.01 seconds below the average. He has recorded a top speed of 21.95 mle per hour on the field also proving he is no slouch.

So McCaffrey has good genes from his parents. Infact all his siblings also inherited those genes too. Max McCaffrey, Christian’s brother, played in the NFL for a number of year’s as a wide receiver like his father. He bounced around from practice squad to practice squad mostly but has registered a catch in the NFL. He was drafted to play for the DC defenders in the 2020 XFL which is due to kick off next February. Not quite on the level of Christian but still an extremely talented guy.

There are also two younger brother’s in the family, Dylan and Luke. Dylan was a highly rated quarterback coming out of high school who commited to Michigan. He is now there three years and is serving as the team’s backup quarterback behind the Shea Patterson. He will likely get his chance at the starting role next year. In fact, there have been calls for McCaffrey to take over this year due to Patterson’s poor performances. Luke McCaffrey committed to Nebraska where he is currently a freshman. He is regarded as a very talented dual threat quarterback who has already impressed on few times he made it onto the field. Clearly, the apple has not fallen far from the tree.

The entire McCaffrey is in a different league when it comes to sports. The only family I would pick over them on family fun day would be Philip River’s family and that is solely based on strength of numbers. With three members already registering snaps in the NFL and two potential stars in college, is it only a matter of time before there will be more than one McCaffrey making the headlines each week through autumn?