What now for Teddy Bridgewater?

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Teddy Bridgewater has lead the New Orleans saints to a 5-0 record in the absence of the teams starting QB and future Hall of Famer Drew Brees. He currently has a passer rating of 98.9% and a completion rate of 67.7%, a better completion rate than MVP favourite Russell Wilson. But has he done enough to guaranteed his future next season once he hits free agency?

Firstly, I would like to give a shout out to the New Orleans front office, Sean Payton and Teddy himself. With Drew Brees out for 5 weeks, it could have really upset their season having already lost the game he went down injured in (against the Rams who bet them so cruelly in last year's championship game). But the front office had the foresight to extend Teddy's contract for the year during the offseason followed by Sean Payton and Teddy working together to steady the ship when shit hits the fan. So why change the plan? Should Teddy just stay in New Orleans as a capable back up if needed with the promise of taking over a franchise? This is a franchise with multiple stars still in their early twenties. Sure in theory that makes sense but there is too many unknowns in the equation. When will Drew Brees retire? Will he ever? With a back-up role, what kind of money is involved? As we have seen with NFL players , it does ultimately come down to money. So where else might be a destination?

Chicago Bears Mitch Trubisky has been nothing more than a severe let down this season. Head coach Matt Nagy has stated that Trubisky will be given time to turn things around but in the event he doesn't, Chicago could be in the market for a new quarterback come January. With a solid defence and a scattering of talent on offense, this could be a place of interest for Bridgewater. Having played in the NFC North with the Vikings before, the weather might not even put him off.

Miami Dolphins This was the alternative landing spot for Bridgewater last summer and ultimately he chose the Saints as he felt Maimi wasn't a long term destination. And it seems he has dodged a bullet with his decision to stay in New Orleans. Miami have be abysmal this season with the near future not looking bright at all. Unless Miami produce magic during the 2020 draft and in the free agency, it is a hard sell for a quarterback who has already sustained a long term injury in the league.

Tennessee Titans The Titans finally made the tough (and correct) call in benching their starting and believed to be franchise quarterback. Now they have Ryan Tannehill lighting up Nashville. Well not exactly lighting up but he, at least, has offered consistency that Mariota never could. It remains to be seen if Tannehill could be a long term solution to a headache of a problem spanning 3-4 years. If they deem Teddy a possible heir, it is a team on the rise with a crop of players needing a starting quarterback.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Like Mariota, Winston hasn't exactly lived up to the hype he gets every year. Haven started his career with a stellar year, Winston has had issues with injuries and interceptions that has prevented him getting those badly needed Ws. He still has flashed the potential to be a great quarterback at times, however, which could see him stay at Tampa on a short term contract. Add in the fact that the GM has be found to be using a burner Twitter account to defend Winston, I think this vacancy might not open for another year or two.

Other possibilities could be Pittsburgh Steelers with Big Ben continually threatening retirement, LA Chargers as who is going to continue to mind his seven children and the Denver Broncos with Flacco injured once more and a severe reluctance to give Lock game time, who knows what could happen. In my eyes, Teddy Bridgewater has done enough to be sought after come next year's free agency. Barring any serious surprises or injuries, I think his destination will be outside of New Orleans. And as a Titans fan, I would be more than happy to see him playing in Nashville.