Fast 5: Week 4 Takes

You know the drill.

Take 1: Is Gurley fully fit?

Another week passes and again fantasy owners are left scratching their heads around Todd Gurley. Yes the 2 TDs stacked up his points but in a crazy shootout the Rams offence only ran the ball with their star runner 5 times.

That in itself is already nuts, but considering Goff tossed the ball 68 times you have to ask the question. Is Gurley fully fit?

Since the end of last season the story was the Rams were resting, or rather being careful with the star runner, but you’d have to think there is something more serious in it.

We will wait and see how they continue to use him but it’s clear they’re looking to reduce the chances of being hurt and that in itself would suggest there is something making that seem more likely.

Take 2: All is not well in the state of Minnesota

Yet again Vikings fell flat on the big stage. And once again Kirk Cousins drew the criticism of the league.

We’ve talked about it before but in the big games he continues to underperform. The price tag doesn’t help the expectations, but the reaction of his teammates is damning.

Fan favourite Thielen was left starved of attention and some cryptic tweets from Diggs suggests the WR core’s relationship with Kirk is straining.

If Cousins doesn’t step up in the remaining big games this season he could find himself back on the QB carousel.

Take 3: Jalen Ramsey bidding war to finally start?

If it wasn’t for the sheer brilliance of the man and mustache that is Minshew more attention would be brought on the absence of Jalen Ramsey.

For another week he was missing for practice, and right now you gotta be wondering who’s poking the Jags on Facebook.

Will he continue to hold out? Will they look to trade him? Will he return after seeing the Minshew magic? So many questions.

Let’s just hope he doesn’t go to the Pats!

Take 4: Cowboys makeup fading

Things started strong at Dallas. Many were bigging them up for playoffs. Hell I’m a sceptic and I was buying into it.

It’s not the end of the world but a poor display against a Brees-less Saints does start planting seeds.

If it’s a one off, so be it. But if Dallas start to hit a slippery patch it would raise serious questions again. This is a team that of late has been faking their competitiveness, and we could be seeing it all again this season.

Take 5: Jameis Winston….is…good?

I’ve been a big critic. However…I can’t believe I’m saying this….Winston is looking good this year.

Yes he hasn’t been perfect, and they ran riot of an off pace Rams side but Jameis was tossing some beautiful passes.

Let’s see how this season pans out but he may be on course to finally have a season where his position as the franchise QB isn’t brought into question.

Can’t believe I’m writing this.