Can the Jets finally have a successful season?

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If you listen to our podcast, you will know that I do not hold the Jets in high regard. Personally, I think it is a shambles of an organisation. But they appear to have got one thing right. They have got a potential franchise quarterback in Sam Darnold. So will he lead the Jets to their first successful season since 2015?

Nope. No chance. Darnold is talented. No question. But it is the the rest of the team has a lot of question marks. In recent weeks when Darmold was not on the field due to mono, the team looked dreadful. Having lost three straight games to the Browns, Patriots and the Eagles, Darnold returned to upset the Dallas Cowboys what what was an impressive day out. On another note, no, we still do not know how Darnold got mono and how his girlfriend has taken the news.

The Jets big free season signings have not exactly set the team on fire. C.J Mosley looked impressive in week one against the Bills but has not played since due to injury. LeVeon Bell has got 1 rushing TD and 1 receiving TD so far this season and has only had one week with more than 100 scrimmage yards. With a lot of critics calling Bell a beneficiary of the Steeler's offensive line in front of him and not a stand out player without it, he has not exactly proven the doubters wrong. The Jets only beat the Bengals and the Dolphins in the rushing yards per game category. The defense has improved this year after the Jets used their first round pick in the 2019 draft on Quinnen Williams. With Mosley on the pitch, they will improve further but will likely still remain a mediocre defence.

The Jets lie bottom of the passing yards per game measure however. Even behind the dismal Miami Dolphins. Yes, you had a second string and third string quarterback playing in three of the 5 games but still. The Dolphins are averaging 8 points per game. Jamison Crowder was brought in to operate the slot while Robby Anderson has been the go to number one receiver for the past few years. Personally, I think these receivers need to be stronger to offer Darnold a safety net in his career's early years. THis could be a point of concern for the Jets as the season continues.

With two games against the Dolphins and a games against the Bengals and Redskins, the Jets should pick up wins. The keys games that will determine if the Jets can have a winning year will be against the Raiders, Giants and in week 17 against the Bills. And even if they win all these games, they still need to win one more game. To me, it just looks to much to do.

Unfortunately, my fondness to make a joke of the Jets franchise might be coming to an end. Darnold is beginning to look like the real deal. And with a nice amount of Cap space to use next year, the Jets could acquire some experienced talent to continue their growth. However, this year is a stretch too far. As long as Darnold's girlfriend puts the shackles on him for the rest of the year to avoid more mono, the jets might just exceed 5 wins for the first time since 2015.