Fast 5: Week 2 Takes

Another week in the books, another article with ridiculously bias takes.

1: Luck’s Retirement Released the QB Curse

Whatchya laughing at???

There was a time when most of the focus was on Luck being sacked and the potential of injuries for him. When he drove off into the sunset this Pre-Season we had no idea what we were in store for.

After Big Ben, Drew Brees and my man Cam joined the group of injured QBs over the last week it was clear what was going on. It doesn’t take a genius to realise Luck made some dodgy deal with a witchdoctor or spiritual being to make it the NFL. He’d have riches beyond his wildest dreams and get to play in the league, but while doing so he would absorb the sacks meant for others. Now that he is gone these are clearly being redistributed.

Will every QB get injured before the season is done? Yes. Damn you Luck! DAMN YOU!

2: Bills are going to the Playoffs


I was laughed at earlier this season for including them in the playoffs. Well who’s maniacally laughing on their couch in an empty apartment now?

Yes. Giants and Jets are awful. But they’ve gone and bet them away and sit 2-0. They have a very favourable schedule and with all the injuries in the league could easily nab a wildcard.

Don’t forget they have the worst team I’ve ever seen, the Dolphins twice, Jets again, Titans, Steelers (without Ben). That could easily be 7 wins. And I’d fancy them against Bengals, Redskins, Eagles, Browns, Broncos, Cowboys, Ravens and you know why not? The Patriots…twice.

Bills are going all the way baby! Josh Allen, start ironing your Super Bowl shorts.

3: Kirk Cousins will always break your heart

Interesting throwing form

Been a fan of his for a long while. Made a silly prediction he’d win the Redskins job when he was drafted and got lucky with RG3s injury woes. But my word he breaks your heart.

I’m not even a Vikings fan but by now you’re asking serious questions. Sure he seems like a nice guy, and yes he does look good at times, but the man can’t do it in the big games.

Whenever Vikings come up against a good team you’d bet against them. It’s not all on him but the QB takes the responsibility to see the game out and lead the charge. He’s just looked so unconvincing.

Viking fans are growing impatient and no doubt the team are going to hear those rumblings and start some major considerations.

4: Jaguars are losing the plot


Ok ok. Minshew is great. Love him. But while he struts his stuff and stretches in jockstraps the rest of the organisation is falling around him.

Their supposed best player Fournette was a complete disappointment again while their actual best player Jalen Ramsey had a heated exchange and falling out with coach Marrone.

It sounds like Ramsey is pushing his way out the door despite rumours that Jags are about to offer a big deal to convince him to stay. He’s clearly not happy and would be a disastrous loss.

Despite all these concerns at least Minshew will keep the fans happy. What a guy.

5: Mariota. Get outta here.


Marcus, Marcus, Marcus. Titans came flying back to earth. He’s a guy who people keep wanting to believe in. A bit like Cousins but worse in my eyes.

Ran a poll on Twitter and over 70% of fans wanted Tannehill in. Like Jesus. When people actually want to see Tannehill over you that should say it all.