Fast 5: Week 1 Takes

Finally. Finally we have football. With an exciting Week 1 in the books it’s time for some quick takeaways from the action. Now I know it’s early days, we’ve a whole season to go. For instance nobody is going to think after the first week that the Titans are Super Bowl contenders….well maybe Kevin. Anyway. Let’s rock and roll with my bias takes!

1: Comebacks > Cruising

A lot was made of the teams that cruised to victory or fell to defeat. During early days it’s hard to take away much from one sided games. The teams we learnt most about were the likes of the Eagles, Cardinals, Saints and, I raise my hand in bias, the Bills.

Teams that at certain points looked fairly set on defeat before turning it around at the halfway mark and battling for victory or a draw in the Cardinals case. Ability is key. Always. But teams early on showing they have it in them to fight back, and the coaches have it in their locker to adapt their gameplan are promising signs for the season ahead.

A big shout-out to the Cards who not only did this with a rookie QB but a Head Coach making his NFL debut. Those sort of performances have to give the fans confidence.

2. Too early to write off the Browns

Could this be a regular site for Browns fans?

A lot was said before the season about the Browns. Many thought the hype was too much around this team, and now after a big loss to the Titans most have done a 180 back to the “classic Browns”.

I think it’s too early to put out that fire. A lot of the factors leading to the Browns defeat can be fixed easily. A large part was discipline. Cleveland gave up 18 penalties. That’s massive compared to the league average of 8 during the first week and their highest in franchise history in over 50 years.

I’ll hold my hand up and admit Kevin was right in our podcast for highlighting the o-line issues (harder to fix) but I still think they can battle through it. Baker has shown in the past too that he’s a more dangerous player when he has a chip on his shoulder. And after seeing all the backlash and his buddy Colin Cowherd’s tweets, he is no doubt going to be raring to go.

It’s poetic that his and the Browns chance of redemption is against the Jets led by Colin’s guy Darnold. I expect the Browns to make a statement next week. Sorry Tj.

3. Lamar Jackson. An apology….for now.

Savour it!

This one is simple. I talked about the pressure around Lamar this season in terms of carrying that Ravens team and how I predicted he’d struggle. Boy did he shut me up in Week 1!

He was absolutely dominating and a joy to watch. My only reservations is the fact that it was against the Dolphins. Lord they’re a mess. Honestly think they’re defence is looking at a negative overall in fantasy this year.

However if he uses this as a springboard I will look the fool for laughing at the idea of him winning the MVP award this year.

Side note. Sorry Case Keenum too, not enough to give ya more than a sentence though.

4. Packers + Good Defence????

A worrying site.

Ok. So yes the Bears didn’t look great. And yes. More questions about Mitch. But for the first time in a long time Packers won a game where they didn’t rely on the arm of Rodgers.

The last time their defence has held a team to single digit scoring in Regular Season was October 2015 against Colin Kaepernicks struggling 49ers.

It’s early doors but to go to Chicago (a good team) and dominant them defensively was a very promising start the LaFleur and Pettine combo. Keep an eye on this defence. We’ve become too accustomed to Packers just trying to outscore every team, so it is worrying if they improve on the other end of the field.

Sure A-aron might not like his stats taking a hit but Packers could be a bit of a shock this year and real contenders if they have a defence capable of winning them games too.

5. AB is a clown.

Just as you read.