Nathan Peterman: The Great Pretender

Harsh title? Maybe. But until he proves differently, accurate.Full disclaimer, I’m a Bills fan. So perhaps you can argue I can’t, or won’t, be unbiased in my opinions of Peterman. You could also argue that I’ve spent a lot of time following and focusing on him due to this. Who knows. All I know is despite Peterman stinking it up when given chances in Regular Season he still remains in the NFL and yet again is winning over his coaches.

Peterman is an odd one. I seldom remember any other players in the league who have had such contrasting performances between Training/Pre-Season and Regular Season.During his Bills days coaches and players talked about how sure he was with the ball in his hands. Playing like a pro and showing potential.

He’d go on to light a torch of hope with the fans by putting in good performances in Pre-Season.Behind the scenes he was winning QB battles, the man managed to play 8 regular season games while up against Tyrod Taylor, Josh Allen, Aj McCarron, TJ Yates and a handful more. Yes, far from superstars (Still time for Josh!), but players with either a lot of potential or regular starting experience.

We all know how his first season panned out when he got the nod, but the Bills stuck with him believing there was potential there from what they’ve seen working with him.Second time around was just as brutal. Eventually leading to the Bills releasing him.

Despite putting up some of the worst numbers I’ve seen at QB he managed to find a new home within a month of being cut. Reportedly three teams were interested before he chose the Raiders. How? Because he impressed in try outs.

Now Week 1 of Pre-Season is the bag and were seeing more of the same. Another good outing and more talk of his ability in training camp is rising his stock within the Raiders. Mike Glennon, another accomplished starter, is checking his rear view mirrors with Gruden falling more and more for Peterman. We have another battle, this time for back-up QB, and I tell you what, don’t be surprised if Peterman wins it.

Questions have to be asked why he looks so calm and professional in practice and Pre-Season, before turning into a deer in headlights during the real deal.Is it a mental side to it? Dealing with the pressure, rising to the occasion?

Gruden has commented on his improved mental strength, but then again so did McDermott when season 2 at the Bills came around.Is it simple that he isn’t good enough? Weaker teams in Pre-Season flattering his limited abilities? Not being able to adapt to the quickness of the regular season, and decision making that comes with it? Perhaps. But if he’s doing it consistently at practice too you’d have to believe he is better than what he’s shown.

The fact that he’s still in the league with those numbers shows the huge contrast in what we’ve seen on the main stage and what they have behind the scenes.Honestly, as much as it would please me to see him make the step up I don’t believe he will. I think Gruden and the Raiders are falling for the same performance many of us have. I wouldn’t be confident in Carr staying healthy all season, and if Peterman is put in I imagine it will be a case of dejavu.

Question is for how long will he be able to remain in the league without showing up when it counts.