2019 NFL Supplemental Draft

So, what is it?

The supplemental draft is second annual draft held by the NFL that allows college players who are no longer eligible to play the following season and did not declare for the draft in April to enter the league early. Players can be applied and each case is reviewed individually. Each franchise have the opportunity to bid one of their 2020 draft picks blindly on a player they wish to add to their team.

When is it on?

As there isn’t a draft on every year, there is no fixed date. It is generally held in July before training camp starts. This year it is reported to take place on the 10th of July.

Who is like to get picked?

5 players are eligible for this years draft and they are as followed:

Bryant Perry, DB, St. Francis

Jalen Thompson, S, Washington State 

Marcus Simms, WR, West Virginia

Shyheim Cullen, LB, Syracuse 

Devonaire Clarington, TE, Blinn College

Of the 4, there are two that seem more likely to be selected. Thompson is seen as a athletic and versatile safety who could go for a second or third round draft pick despite concerns over his size. Thompson will not play his final year at Washington state after NCAA violations. Thompson could be a good pick for a team willing to take a chance despite the likelihood that Thompson will need time to meet the standard of the NFL.

Marcus Simms is the other player that is getting teams attentions. Multiple teams have turned up to his organised open training. A team is likely to use a 3 or 4 round pick to acquire him but he has a lot of talent averaging 15.2 yards per catch and has also been used as a punt returner at West Virginia.

Does this draft ever produce talent? Yes. Josh Gordon was drafted in the supplemental draft. So was Tyrell Prior. But as you may have worked out, there are reasons why these players can no longer play in the NCAA so teams must be careful in their selection. Gordon is an excellent example of how this potential talent cannot truly come to fruitions due to the players past behaviour continuing with him into the NFL.