The year that defines Kirk Cousins

Illinois native Kirk Cousins is one of the highest paid QBs in the NFL. Currently only Wilson, Roethlisberger, Rodgers, Wentz and Ryan make more in a year. Of that list 4 have been involved in a Super Bowl winning season and the other led his team there but failed at the last hurdle. Cousins on the other had has only one playoff win in his 7 seasons in the NFL.

I’m a big fan of Cousins, have been since he was drafted. For a long time the lack of success was pinned on a Redskin team just not built to succeed. One that he made look better than it was. If you look at Kirk’s stats they are impressive.


The problem when you look back at a players career is that stats aren’t the main thing. Rings are. So when Kirk joined a Vikings team who came close to getting to a Super Bowl the year before, expectations were high.

Unfortunately for Minnesota fans they were not met. They had packed their things and closed the doors at the end of the regular season, watching from a far while other fans rejoiced in the post-season. It was a team failure, but Kirk was seen as the scapegoat by many.

Ironically it was his best season in terms of attempts, completions, passing percentage and touchdowns thrown. This wasn’t enough though. There had been big missed plays, and costly fumble turnovers that sucked the soul out of the fans.

Of course I’d add the Bills forced fumble!

Myself and Kevin were lucky enough to attend the Vikings and Packers game last November and when they weren’t insulting us for supporting the Bills and Titans they were voicing concerns and doubts about their team. Cousins was one of those that some cut slack for and others doubted.

It’s wrong to pin it all on Cousins like some do (the man had a higher passing percentage that the teams FG kicking percentage!) but with the money used on him if the team fails to deliver eyes will look in his direction.

Minnesota has tried to add pieces to help him this year with the hope of reducing how often he’s hit and shoring up the defense. It is also his second year so he should be more than used to the playbook and his teammates now.

Realistically this could be a make or break year for him. It’s the second year of his three year contract. A poor season will lead to the franchise considering their long term options.

Most worryingly for him is the stellar draft class next year. If Cousins hasn’t won them over and proven he can drag this team over the line the Vikings will certainly draft a QB with the plan on phasing him out. Not an exciting prospect for a player who would then be entering the season at the age of 32.

I hope it all works out for Kirk Cousins in 2019. It really has to.