NFL 2019 Draft Review: Miami Dolphins

Before the start of the NFL Draft all of us at Fool Proof Football picked two teams each to focus on. We delved into the team needs and our predictions to what would unfold. The Miami Dolphins were my first selection.

The Dolphins caught my eye due to the changes happening to the franchise the importance of this draft. Long term QB Tannehill has packed his bags and new coach Flores wanted to put his plan in place.

Attention was on Miami, and how they would handle the decisions facing them. So how exactly did they get on?

Let’s get this show on the road!

Grade: A+

Draft Winners

I’ve already apologised for my scathing rants regarding the Dolphins on our latest podcast (found HERE, give it a listen!) but I feel like I need to again.

In the build up towards the draft I didn’t believe the Dolphins would make the right decisions. I thought they would overlook their more pressing issues and squander an early pick on a QB who would be thrown into the deep end. How wrong was I? Getting Josh Rosen was a brilliant move and it was made even better by an impressive draft.

Miami got the show on the road drafting the super impressive Christian Wilkins. Not only does he add much needed quality to their DL but he’s a brilliant addition off the field too. No doubt will quickly become an important part of the Dolphins defence and a very popular and active player in the community.

Continuing with the trend to add to key positions around their playmakers they would go on to select Michael Deiter (G), Andrew Van Ginkel (LB), and Isaiah Prince (T). Dieter is a versatile talent that can play Guard, Tackle or Center, and a player who should be a great addition. Then they strengthened both the OL and DL with Van Ginkel and Prince.

To round it off Dolphins selected two RBs in the form of Chandler Cox and Myles Gaskin. Cox like Dieter is another versatile pick up, with the ability to switch to the FB position. Gaskins didn’t have the biggest hype surrounding him but their is a chance of him being a very good find.

Round 1 (13th overall) — Christian Wilkins, DL, Clemson
Round 3 (78th overall) — Michael Deiter, OL, Wisconsin
Round 5 (151st overall) — Andrew Van Ginkel, LB, Wisconsin
Round 6 (202nd overall) — Isaiah Prince, T, Ohio State
Round 7 (233rd overall) — Chandler Cox, RB, Auburn
Round 7 (234th overall) — Myles Gaskin, RB, Washington


If you listened to our previous podcasts prior to the draft, you may have been able to make out from my rants that this draft would go one of two ways for the Dolphins.

Either they would focus on their actually needs, or shoot too high on a QB and set up for failure. I believed they would go for the latter, and I’m happy to be proven wrong.

In a very smart draft Miami focused on stacking their OL and DL depth to help both the defence and protection of the QB. They also addressed the RB situation which was an issue. I still have my concerns regarding their WR options but they couldn’t address everything in just one draft.

The trade for Rosen was another smart move, rather than going after one in this draft. Everything they did during this period was spot on and level headed. They made all the right moves.

So rejoice Dolphins fans, and disregard my previous comments about the doom and gloom, their is sunshine ahead for the sunshine state!