Johnny’s Journey: Comeback, Take Two

Last year we took a stab at following the “comeback” of Johnny Manziel. The former first rounder had packed his bags and headed off to Canada to prove himself. After spiraling out of the league for a string of off-field issues I thought this was the perfect platform to redeem himself. It didn’t really go to plan.

He jumped around two teams in the CFL. In Hamilton he struggled to get playing time. In Montreal he just struggled on the field. It was far from the fairy tale I had hoped.

Granted the Alouettes were one of the worse teams in the CFL, Johnny still failed to shine posting some pretty poor numbers.

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Now after one season with the CFL he finds himself in the newly formed AAF. The Canadian league cut-ties with him. Terminated his contract and banned him from playing, after claiming he breached their agreement.

The good news is that it doesn’t appear to be due to off field issues. This is just my guess, but it would appear he failed to show up to mandatory events. Bad news is that it is likely he did this on purpose to terminate his contract and open up the possibility of coming back to America. Again just speculation on my part.

The overwhelming positive is that he appears to have his life on track. He also didn’t struggle to get a team in the AAF. Memphis Express swooped in to pick him off the waivers and he immediately began practice. He should see a lot of opportunities also. Hackenberg looks to be done in Memphis (Check out our article here) and backup Zach Mettenberger got himself injured, on his very first snap. So the starter’s role is there for the taking.

Now the bad news. Similarly to the CFL, Johnny is joining the AAF with the worst team in the league. It’s difficult to tell how he will do in this situation but hey, it gives us something interesting to watch during the off-season.

I would say that I feel this is his last chance at a comeback, but as TJ pointed out in our last podcast (Found here) there’s always the XFL. Time will tell but I think it’s a little too early for me to start chasing down the Johnny Football bandwagon again.