Has Dave Gettleman set his firing clock?

Unless you have been ignoring all current off-season action, you will know that Odell Beckham Junior is being traded to the Cleveland Browns in exchange for a first round pick, a third round pick and Jabrill Peppers. In doing so, the Giants have handed over one of the best talents in the league. But why and what consequences will follow?

OBJ has undeniable skill regardless how you look at it. He has had off pitch issues including fighting with a net but having him in any team is really only positive. In 2016, the Giants made the playoffs and took that famous boat picture. That year 6 players made the All Pro team (1st or 2nd team); OBJ, Landon Collins, Oliver Vernon, Janoris Jenkins, Dominique Rodgers-Cromatrie and Damion Harrison. Only one of these 6 remains at the giants now; that being Jenkins. Who is responsible for this?

Nope, it isn’t all Eli’s fault. It’s well noted that Eli is not the quarterback of the future but the blame needs to be cast elsewhere. Dave Gettleman took over as the giants GM after Jerry Reese was fired week 13 of the 2017 season who served as GM for 10 years. In the opening off-season, Gettleman attempted to address the Giants weak offensive line by paying big to get Nate Solder, Kareem Martin and Patrick Omameh. He also traded away pass rusher Pierre Paul and cut Dominique Rodgers-Cromatrie All turned out to be massive disappointments. Eli Apple was traded later in the season who has immense ability but was reported to cause locker room issues. Damon Harrison was also traded mid season. This off-season, OBJ,Collins and Vernon will all leave the team thus forcing the Giants into a rebuild.

A rebuild I don’t believe that was necessary. The talent was there just not at positions like quarterback or across the offensive line. Why was Barkley selected at number 2 in the 2018 draft as apposed to a QB is puzzling if the team had planned to rebuild. And here is my underlining issue with Gettleman. It’s hard to see that a clear plan is being followed other than a clear house sale. A clear example is the fact that the Giants will have a massive dead cap space bill mainly due to give OBJ a contract last summer only to trade him 8 months later.

At this point, it’s a good time to point out Jerry Reese won his first super bowl in his second year as GM before going on to win another. It’s unlikely to see the Giants win a Superbowl next year or anytime in the near future. It’s hard not to consider Gettleman’s job as being in the firing line if results don’t being to improve. If not, one would wonder what he has on Giant’s owners John Mara and Steve Tisch.