So you think the Patriots are just lucky

Last year, Nick Foles went down in Philadelphia history as an all time great. Many NFL fans rejoiced as Tom Brady & Co had not won another ring. The evil sith lords of Tom Brady, Bill Belichick and Robert Kraft failed. HA LOSERS! They may have millions of dollars, multiple rings and a legacy built into the history books but they couldn’t beat the great Nick Foles.

Their two previous wins in the Superbowl could be down to the fact that the other teams made mistakes. In 2017, the Falcons fell apart. Matty ice lost his cool in the second half and the Atlanta defense disappeared. Russell Wilson threw that pick in the 2015 game when the Seahawks were on the 1 yard line, much to Marshawn Lynch dismay. So are the Patriots maxing out their luck?

Obviously, I don’t think the Patriots are lucky at all. Although, I did enjoy their defeat to Foles last year. The Patriots have been at the top of the league for the past 20 years. But why?

Tom Brady

Tom Brady was drafted in the sixth round of the 2000 NFL draft. He won his first Super Bowl in 2002 and went on to win 4 more, 14 Pro Bowls and has appeared in 8 Super Bowls in total. If I was to list off Brady’s current NFL records, this article would be very long. So all I will say is that he is the GOAT and with him in that team, the Patriots will always be near the top. To verify this, just look at the AFC championship game this year. He was near perfection in over time. If he does retire in the next 15 years, the Patriots future begins to look gloomy.

Bill Belichick draft selection

Every year the Patriots seem to get it right when it comes to the draft. Since 2000, the Patriots have the most Pro bowl selections from draft picks than another team. Digging a little deeper, it shows how right the Patriots have got it when you consider 8 players who were selected in the first round have a Pro bowl selection from a possible 15 players. Retaining the majority of these draft picks for more than 5 years is just as big as selecting the correct player in the first place as this allows the franchise to build a young base who understand what is expected of them each year.

The AFC division

It has been stated by multiple people that the AFC East is considered to be very easy for the Patriots to win. In fact, the entire AFC is looking under par to it’s NFC counterparts. But when looking at the Patriots win percentage against the different divisions, the numbers don’t exactly tell the same story. In fact the Patriots have better win percentages against the AFC North (81.6%), AFC South (84.8%), NFC North (80%) and NFC South (81%) compared to the AFC East (78.5%). One could argue that these aren’t comparable due to the frequency of games played but still an interesting reading.

Patriots scandals

The Patriots have been involved in a number of scandals . Deflategate and Spygate were two massive controversies. Obviously, these two were blatant violations of the rules and shouldn’t have been done but there are examples of the Patriots using the rules to their advantage. The tuck rule has been referred to as the Patriots cheating as well as some trickery in the AFC Championship game against the Ravens. But to me this shows that the Organization will use all possible avenues to win. I don’t advocate blatantly cheating but I don’t have a problem using the rules to their advantage, as it  clearly shows they have done their homework.

It isn’t by chance the Patriots make it to, or close to the Superbowl every year. They have a quarterback that continues to excel despite his age, a coach that is continually replenishing the team using the draft and using all available avenues to beat their opposition. With talk of Brady and Belichick’s regime ending soon, I feel that as long as Brady avoids injury and the Patriots continue to infuse new quality talent, it could be a few more years before we have a Patriots free January.