What’s next for Joe Flacco?

So there you have it folks. The Baltimore Ravens have confirmed that the now healthy Joe Flacco will act as back-up to Lamar Jackson. After 11 seasons of being the main man in Baltimore he now finds himself thrusted into a mentor role for the remaining fixtures of the 2018 season. However, surely with the QB needs of the league and Flacco’s credentials he should be an attractive trading piece for next season.

Yes there is the matter of his contract, but compared to the current market it isn’t a robbery at $38.75 million deal for two seasons. And yes, people question whether Flacco is elite but the man still has 15 playoff games under his belt, multiple NFL records and a Super Bowl MVP to go along with his ring.

It’s hard to imagine that Flacco will be content with sitting in second place as a mentor so surely the logical decision is a trade, and after a long-winded intro let’s look at some possible landing spots.

1.) Jacksonville Jaguars

This is an easy connection to make. Jaguars benching Bortles is surely a sign of the franchise finally moving on from the much criticised Bortles, and Flacco would surely be on their radar. It may be attractive to the Ravens too, moving Flacco into the AFC and avoiding competing against him in the NFC.

2.) Washington Redskins

Already we saw their intention of going with a solid veteran in Alex Smith. Unfortunately for them and Smith a horrific injury and subsequent problems look like the Redskins will be in the market for another QB. If they are still looking at going down the route of a veteran until drafting their future QB then there is nowhere better to look.

3.) Denver Broncos

Keenum was the go to veteran that Elway and Co decided on, but with added criticisms towards Case they may be looking elsewhere. Chad Kelly was poising himself to takeover until he threw it all away (YOU WERE THE CHOSEN ONE!!), so it’s not crazy to think Denver cut ties with Keenum, bring in Flacco and slowly transition Kelly back in as backup.

4.) New York Giants

Now here’s a match-up I like. Not many will be considering this as a real potential, and maybe not many want it to be but I love the idea. Giants have been flirting a lot with the idea of moving on from Eli and I think Joe Flacco under centre with Barkley at RB would throw them back into the play-off contention. Here’s the kicker though, in order for this to happen Eli needs to be moved on. But to where? Jacksonville. A link we’ve seen before. Ravens would be reluctant to do this move but surely with all Flacco has given would be open to allowing it to happen.

A lot has to happen but my gut is telling me we may see Eli move to Jacksonville as the buffer QB until they find their franchise guy, and Flacco to the Giants to give them a couple of years as contenders.

It will be interesting to see how it unfolds. Let us know what you guys think in the comments!