The Cruel World of Football

Earlier this week I got very excited over the announcement of the New Orleans Saints signing veteran WR Dez Bryant. I was delighted. The thought of Brees linking with a red-zone target like Bryant was a brilliant prospect, and the showdown in Dallas was firmly marked on my calendar. I ran to get my laptop and type out my joys in the form of an article on this site. So when I heard the news of Bryant’s injury I felt crushed. I can only imagine how Dez himself must feel.

After months of waiting Dez had finally decided to get back into the game with a playoff ready team. This fairy-tale was short-lived however when it was confirmed that Bryant had torn his Achilles, on the final play of Friday’s practice. Recover period of 8 months. The cruel world of football. Now some people argue it was bad luck, awful luck, others argue it could have been linked with his long absence from the game.

Bryant was of course keeping fit and training with his crew, but many reporters point towards this not being enough of a substitute for the real deal. Saying a long absence from training camps can increase the likelihood of picking up an injury. With that in mind eyes began to turn on Le’Veon Bell. Bell who has been refusing to join up with the Steelers has been away from the action for the same amount of time as Bryant had been. Now this isn’t to say that Bell would face the same fate, but it would be ironic if true considering his decision to sit out being heavily due to fear of getting injured and missing his payday chance.

I could go on about the Bell situation, one that looks like it could see him not play a single snap this year, Steelers fans probably not as concerned now with the emergence of James Conner, but the main focus should be on Dez. Sometimes sport can be cruel. And this is one of those times. A player out to prove people wrong, biding his time for the right opportunity and willing to give his all for it. Only to have it ripped from his grasp without enough time to sit down and catch his breath. I hope Bryant can come back on the field, but with an 8 month recovery this could pave the way towards his retirement.

In a perfect world Dez will recover before time, sign for a playoff ready team, put up numbers and win comeback player of the year. But like I said, this is a cruel world.