So you’re 2-7 and looking down the barrel of a failed season, what now?

Currently, there are 4 teams with 2 wins or less; The Cardinals, the Giants, The 49ers and the Raiders. All of these teams had intentions of making a playoff run this year. Well, perhaps Jon Gruden had other ideas based on some of his rooster decisions but he still would have expected to win more than 1 game in 9 attempts. Above these 4 teams, lies 7 teams with one addition game win. This bunch includes the Browns (to be fair this could be considered a successful year by Cleveland standards), last year playoff teams the Bills and Jaguars and the Jets lead by rookie Sam Darnold. Basically for these 11 teams, the season will look like a waste from here out. But in truth, there is still something to be learned before January. Let’s look at what some of these teams can achieve this year so 2018 wont go down as a complete waste.


For me, this team is simple. You have found your new franchise quarterback.You have talent at a lot of the skilled positions on offence.

Your defense is young and scattered with future stars. All they need is a head coach to lead them. Hue Jackson wasn’t the right man. Greg Williams has the defense playing well but I get the feeling that an offensive coach is the preferred choice. And with the stability that the Browns have been able to manage this season compared to others, it looks like John Dorsey will hold his job long enough to select that coach. For the remainder of the year, it will be very much let the young players get experience in the league. As long as they don’t fall into their old ways and make a mess of their new coach, this year can be a real building block for this young team.

Tampa Bay

Currently, there are three quarterbacks on the Tampa Bay roster. The current started Ryan Fitzpatrick, the former starter and number one pick Jameis Winston and the third string quarterback Ryan Griffin. For the remainder of the year, provided something unexpected does not occur, Fitzpatrick looks to remain the started. Going on this logic, the Buccaneers will be looking for a new quarterback come January. So this is why I suggest that they give Ryan Griffin time in the final weeks of the season. At this point, Fitzpatrick is viewed as the transition quarterback but the Buccs don’t have a quarterback to transition to. They passed on my personal favorite Teddy Bridgewater in the off season and with the trade window gone by, why not give the young quarterback the shot to prov himself.


Like Tampa Bay, Jacksonville have quarterback issues. Blake Bortles is struggling and not looking like the quarterback of last year (the second half of last year that is). Jacksonville’s defense has been poor and not the dominating side they were last year.the big issues still are on the offensive side. My issue is the Jags signed Bortles to a long term deal based on a few good games last year. How long can they give him to prove he was worth that deal? Ex brown’s quarterback Cody Kessler is next in line at the position. I feel it is time to give him game time to see if he is worth considering as starter or even to continue to have around as the back up.In my mind, Jacksonville could suffer for a few years thanks to the decision to sign Bortles.


Denver’s future looked bright at the start of the season. Despite having found a running game and a defensive line that has bullied opposing quarterbacks, they have only 3 wins on the board. Game management has been a issue. There should have at least one, if not two, more wins due to the wrong call by the manager at the end of the game. Vance Joseph must go. And really, this is going to happen this year. It is just a matter of when.

New York Jets

The New York Jets have found their future quarterback: Sam Darold. Now, they need to keep him injury and not let his confidence take a hit. There is serious question marks over the head coach at the minute but the number one focus should be how to build a team around Darnold and who is the best person to lead him to success. With the Jets being banged up so bad, it is important to mentor the quarterback properly despite the likelihood of multiple losses. Is Todd Bowles the man to be this mentor?

New York Giants

I have talked New York up a lot this year so this one hurts. They tried to upgrade their offensive line this off season and failed miserably. There is a lot of other items that can be improved. During the next off season, the quarterback and the offensive line issue will be addressed (hopefully). So, during this season, there needs to be some managerial issues addressed. I have major concerns about the defensive system that is being used currently by the Giants. It involves a lot of blitzes and is quite predictable. With offenses becoming more and more creative with play calling, this defensive scheme is being exposed over and over. The defense has talent. It is time to start making the right calls.

Oakland Raiders

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor jon gruden

This year is all about sell sell sell for Jon Gruden. He decided to throw away this year and was let by signing a 10 year deal. So what is there left to do. Winning doesn’t seem to be a concern this year. Was Oakland’s season over once Gruden took charge? Next off season will see a major milestone in the Jon Gruden tenure. The only remaining piece to trade for high value is quarterback Derek Carr. And Gruden should get a value in return for the quarterback who consumes the biggest rooster salary cap and has not shown this year why that is. Multiple of the teams above need a quarterback. It might be the time to let one of them trade for Carr and use the draft likely high draft pick to find his replacement.