Saint Bryant

And so it ends! The long and somewhat forgotten saga of Dez Bryant.

Earlier this year the Dallas Cowboys released their Pro-Bowl WR, and frankly when it happened most assumed he would be picked up straight away by another team. Yes he’s 30 years old, but should that really matter? Cowboys highlighted his lower productivity, but still he managed 1500+ yards and 14 TDs in his previous two seasons. Dallas offence hasn’t exactly lit up in his absence and questions still remain with Dak. Were these lowering numbers his own struggles or that of Dallas?

Many teams have struggled in the position and with Bryant you get a consistent performer. Even when the Cowboys looked poor Bryant still produced good numbers, but week in week out nothing seemed to develop in the Bryant saga, until today.

Maybe his age has been a factor, maybe his wage demands, or maybe teams believe his reputation is bigger than his current ability. Another reason may be Bryant himself. Browns clearly were interested but Dez had maintained he was waiting for the right team, and boy did he get it. With the Saints he steps into a playoff bound team, and as much as I’ve doubted them before the season started they are one of the clear Super Bowl favorites.

With Michael Thomas dominating Bryant shouldn’t expect to see the same amount of attention he got in Dallas, but with Drew Brees tossing it to him who knows what sort of numbers he will be able to put up. This is going to be a brilliant story to follow, and later in the month when Bryant returns to Dallas to face the Cowboys it will be a must watch.

If Bryant hasn’t already been taken in your Fantasy League jump on it now, unfortunately one member of our league has been holding onto him all year, time to see if it pays off!