NFL 2018: Week 5 Winners and Losers

So over the past week, we have seen two teams continue their dominance, verification that the 2018 season will not produce a winless team and the defending champions lose another game. Lets take an overview of who stood out for the good and the bad reasons.


Arizona Cardinals

You might argue that the Cardinals winning one match isn’t a success. And to do so in such a horrible and unconvincing way, backs that argument up. But there are positives to take. Firstly, they aren’t going to end the season winless. Their rookie quarterback may not be as impressive as the number one pick this year or others selected before him, but Josh Rosen does produce moments of class between moments of inexperience. And the Cardinals defence is actually looking slightly better as the weeks go on.

The real reason they are here though is they may not get another win all year. I felt they deserved the spotlight this week before they play the Vikings next week who look like they are finding their rythm on defense to match the explosive offense. Arizona need to start finding a way to get David Johnson some running room.

Drew Brees

The man has been on fire this season. Over taking Payton Manning’s place on top of the most career passing yards seems to be the first of several records Brees will break if he continues at this pace. It has been his poor defensive unit that have lead to many of these shoot outs. But with signs of improvements there, it seems his rate might slow down. On the other hand, this season has been all about offense so why should that change.

The Steeler’s running back coach

LeVeon bell is return week 7 so the rumor goes. And James Connor just put in his best performance to date, staking his claim on the Steeler’s back field. All this could add up to one thing in the coming weeks: a backfield by committee. The fantasy players worst enemy yet a must have for any new and trendy NFL coach. The real winner of this is in fact the running back coach in Pittsburgh who will have two world class talents to over look. The issues won’t be field or talent related but rather keeping tabs on Bell in case he goes walk about again. Oh, and in case you didn’t know, his name is Jason Saxon.

Graham Gano

What a kick! Gano was only one yard off Matt Prater’s field goal record. And taking into account the pressure on him to make this game winning field goal shows off his enormous balls. This was a career long kick for Gano and after signing a 4 year $17 million contract this off season he is showing he is worth it. Big balls makes you a winner.


Odell Beckham Jr

You kind have to wonder how some football players are so self centered yet have spent the majority of their life in team orientated environments. To call out basically everyone on your team in the media is only going to cause a shit storm around the entire franchise. That is something that needs to be done behind closed door. It is easy to see where he is coming from though. The giants offensive line look like a cloth trying to catch water. And the starting quarterback seems incapable of throwing the ball more than 20 yards. The season looks bleak for Beckham useless he figures out a way to throw the ball to himself.

Mason Crosby

On the other kicker spectrum from Gano this week is Mason Crosby. Crosby scored only the one field goal from 5 attempts and missed an extra point as well in the Packers defeat to the Lions. Despite this, the Packers have chosen to stand by their veteran kicker and more importantly to Crosby’s moral, I have decided to stand by him on my fantasy. People are questioning weather these highcups might be down to the new holder. Weather it is or isn’t, I’m expecting a big display in week 6.

The Titans

What kind of team goes from beating a widely fancied super bowl candidate to losing to an offensive-less Buffalo Bills. Only one team can give you such hope and promise. The Tennessee Titans. A playoff contender last year, the Titans were looking more and more like a team going places after week 4. But they to lose to the Bills. Granted, the game should have been over when Mariota landed the ball into Nick Williams bread basket only to drop it. Mariota is the franchise quarterback here. But this week fuels the questions to weather Mariota will ever be a consistent quarterback in the league.

Vance Joseph

Todd Bowles preformed a miracle on Sunday. Not only did he manage his team to their second win of the season, he also managed to put out the fire under his ass and light on simultaneously under Vance Joseph. Broncos looked like they were in a good place at the beginning of September. They had assembled the makings of a league leading defense and found a guy to finally lead their offense. Hell, it looked in September that we were going to produce weekly articles on NFL topics such as this. But we fell just like the Broncos. Flying high on a 2-0 record, only to face plant and experience a 3 game losing street. And the near future does not look pretty with a meeting with the Rams on the cards for week 6. Its not nice to bet against someone losing their job in the next two weeks, however, it could make you a wealthier individual.