5 reasons why I love the start of the new NFL season

With the 2018 NFl season kicking off last night, the long waiting is over. Football is official back. The start of each season is one of my favourite times of the year. And below i am going to explain to you why.

1. Sunday football

Sunday nights for me is always a time when m mind begins to switch the work related tasks i have to complete the following day. This really is the end of the weekend and the start of another working week. The return of football is a way to extend the weekend mode for a few extra hours. Living in Europe, Sunday games don’t kick off until 7pm and run through the night. I am a big fan of the Redzone show which gives you the best of all the action. The only downside is dragging yourself away from the late night kickoff to be able to conscience the following day.

2.  Teams high hopes

Every September, Professional analysts and team fans make predictions about what the new season holds. It is very hard to predict the season accurately due to the multiple unforeseeable incidents that will occur including injuries, bans and players just playing shit. And yet, we still for the Browns making the playoffs after going 1-31 or the Mack leading the Bears to the superbowl or the Jets will not finish last. All are highly unlike but I can guarantee that someone is getting paid to say spread this madness and people are believing it.

3. Fantasy Football

What can be more fun than having a health competition among friends? Well, my experience of fantasy has not been health in the slightest with multiple grudges being formed in our league to day. Fantasy can bring out the bad in people in order to win. But I don’t know is there a sweeter feeling than being able to hold a fictional title over your friends after winning your league due to a combination of blind luck and Todd Gurley. And if that means losing a few friends along the way as you attempt to con them in trading them away some shitebag for their injured Gr0nk, then so be it.

4. Political statements

New rules have been introduced this year to address the anthem protests. With these rules not being well received and Nike’s backing of Colin Kaepernick’s stance, the league is poised to see a backlash from players. And I for one hope to see this backlash. In my eyes, this could get nasty if the NFL continue the stance they have been taken. Let’s hope the NFL changes that stance soon before it blows up in their face.

5. Football

This is what i am looking forward to most. Football. Once again seeing people make ridiculous catches; massive hits; flags being thrown all over the field; head coaches losing the rag; fumbles, sacks and interceptions; 60+ yard throws; teams throwing away massive leads and imploding; last minute field goals that make the kicker a hero or a villain; some back up quarterback leading his team to glory. It all happens year in year out and is the biggest reason I watch NFL. There maybe a multiple million dollar circus following it but at the end of the day it is just 22 players on a field trying to win.