2018 Season Predictions



With the 2018 season kicking off tomorrow night, we have decided to make our predictions for the upcoming year. Incase you missed our podcast on the NFC and AFC predictions, you can find our thoughts here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pu1rv2RALKQV . So without any more waiting, our much anticipated predictions are as follows:




Superbowl winner:

Kevin: New Orleans Saints: It looks like this could be the last bite of the cherry for Drew Brees at New Orleans with the trade for Bridgewater. A defensive blunder stopped the Saints last year but with this young defense will look to rectify that this year with the addition of Marcus Davenport in the draft.

Adam: San Diego Los Angeles Chargers: First off a disclaimer, every year a full range of seasoned and experienced football analysts make their yearly decisions, and every year football is proven unpredictable. So logic goes out of the window here for me and I’m using my heart as my compass. If Nathan Peterman can’t get it,  I just want to see Philip Rivers get that ring.

 TJ: Los Angeles Rams: Very difficult to predict this year with at least 8 top teams in the running for this years Lombardi. With all the off season moves, player progressions and a top quality coaching staff I have selected the Rams but as we all know this does not entitle you to a Super Bowl. I believe injury’s (and suspensions) will play a big factor on who reaches the Super Bowl but my gut tells me LA will be there in February. But which LA team is another question that haunts me…

Regular season MVP: 

Kevin: Aaron Rodgers: If he remains uninjured, it is hard to see past Aaron Rodgers to claim his third MVP. He has shown that he is a special quarterback that can single handily win games. With Green Bay’s running game being so inconsistent last year, expect Rodgers to throw the ball a lot this year.

Adam: Cam Newton: Cam Newton? CAM NEWTON!

TJ: Drew Brees: My heart says Rodgers will come back and light up the league winning MVP on his way to the Super Bowl and cementing his legacy in NFL history… But my gut tells me different. Aaron would be my pick here and I really wish he could be. He is in the prime of his life and is probably the best quarterback in the league at the moment with a decent team around him. But with injury’s through past season I cannot see him sustaining the whole league. That’s why I am giving it to Mr.Brees, who without injury will be a pivotal part of the saints super bowl contending team this year.

Regular season DPOY:7

Kevin: Aaron Donald: Aaron Donald not alone is a machine but now defenses will not be able to double team him with Ndamukong Suh now in the defensive line. Donald will feast this year in LA and pick up this award for the second year in a row.

Adam: Joey Bosa: Give this to Joey Bosa while he delivers sacks like I deliver disappointment to my family. Bosa and Ingram will be the bullies of the NFL on their way to the Superbowl.

TJ: Myles Garrett: Size, Speed, Power. This kid is a monster. He is going into his second year with a team that will be able to compete for games. Hopefully his team around him and a few wins will give this young DE the credit he deserves. Big year predicted.

Rookie of the year:

Kevin: Bradly Chubb: For this, I avoided the multiple quarterback and running back choices and went with Bradley Chubb. Regarded as one of the best prospects in the draft, being paired with Von Miller will give opposing offensive lines head aches. I am expecting double digit sacks in his first year.

Adam: Royce Freeman: No QBs are jumping out of the list, so I’m moving my eyes towards a RB. You’re probably thinking Barkley. WRONG! Give it to my man Royce Freeman, just named starter and is going to gobble up fantasy football points for me.

Tj: Sam Darnold: Say what you want because I am Jets fan but I genuinly think Sam has the best opertunity this year. Starting week 1 will help his case. He will not shine like a super star but will earn some wins and valuable experience. This will be recognized.

Most improved team:

Kevin: Giants: All summer i have been saying tooting the Giants horn and I am going to stick with that. From finishing second last in 2017, the only way is up for this team and with their current roster I expect this jump up to be a big leap. Now with Barley behind a upgraded offensive line and a receiving corps that include OBJ, Shepard and Engram, the only concern is on defense. But this unit provided to have the ability in 2016 so why not again in 2018?

Adam: Bears. Hello Mack. Surely they have to improve after last year and I’m expecting a Goff like advancement for Trubisky.

Tj: Browns: No brainer. If they win 1 game they will have improved by 100% from last year. If they win 4 they will be most improved team for sure. I can see them win 5.

Most disappointing team:

Kevin: Eagles: I was going to select the Jets and predict the to finish last but instead i have gone with the Eagles. A lot expect them to pick up where they left off especially with Wentz returning but I feel the start of the season will be a bit of a slump. They will still make the playoffs but not as easy as expected and will forfeit their NFC East title in doing so.

Adam: Saints: I was going to select the Jets but expectations are so low they can’t disappoint. Saints. A casualty on Cam’s journey to MVP.

Tj: Jags: No one is taking anything away from the Jags defense but it is not going to defend them for the whole season again this year. Texans and Colts who are in the Jags division have there QBs back this year as well as a tough schedule. They are going to be exposed for the team they truly are this year. Unfortunately that’s not much..