Johnny’s Journey: Back to business

We discussed before about the positive signs of Manziel’s first competitive start in years, despite the turnover spree he went on. Johnny had another chance to prove himself when Montreal Alouettes faced off against the Ottawa Redblacks. Truthfully expectations were low for Montreal’s chances of winning. They the worst team in the East (1-6) were facing off against the best of the bunch in the form of the Redblacks (4-3).

Alouettes however put up a valiant effort and the Redblacks only grabbed the win with 15 seconds left on the clock, 24-17. Manziel didn’t throw any touchdown passes, but possibly more importantly didn’t commit any turnovers, the main highlight of his previous outing. Manziel looked solid in the game, finishing with 16-of-26 passing for 168 yards.

He came close to punching in a rushing touchdown before being knocked out on the goal line, with Montreal recovering the fumble and scoring the TD. The tackle on the goal line was worrying, Manziel went limp, lost the ball and looked in serious trouble. His teammates picked him up and he ran to the sideline, dazed, shaking his head. Head injuries are a major concern and it was surprising to see him allowed to return to the game. The fact that he didn’t undergo a concussion protocol (at least from what we saw) was a strange and concerning move. Hopefully it wasn’t necessary but it also has been topic of discussion by many who were surprised by the whole thing.

On his second game Manziel had this to say:

“I mean, we didn’t turn the ball over, we didn’t throw four picks in the first half, Anything is better than last week.”

Onwards and upwards for Manziel when the 1-7 Alouettes face off in another tough game against the 5-3 Eskimos. Catch the highlights courtesy of TSN below.