Jalen Ramsey’s QB Verdicts

So Jacksonville’s Jalen Ramsey decided to sit down and do an interview with GQ, and it turns out he has an opinion on everything and no worries letting people know them. Nearly every QB got a mention. Here’s a quick brief of his opinions of all most of the QBs in the league.

Jalen Ramsey’s QB Verdict:
Josh Allen – Trash
Blake Bortles – Does what he has to do.
Tom Brady – Doesn’t suck
Drew Brees – Really good. He’s a fan.
Derek Carr – Good
Kirk Cousins – A winner.
Joe Flacco – Sucks
Nick Foles – Good enough to win a Super Bowl.
Jimmy Garoppolo – Unsure yet of hype
Jared Goff – Average to above average
Lamar Jackson – Gonna do a good job
Andrew Luck – Doesn’t think he’s that good.
Eli Manning – Won’t call Eli good, just has a good connection with Odell
Marcus Mariota – Underrated
Baker Mayfield – confident, charisma
Dak Prescott – He’s alright. He’s okay.
Philip Rivers – Pretty good.
Aaron Rodgers- Doesn’t suck
Ben Roethlisberger – Decent at best, ain’t all that.
Matt Ryan – Again forgot the Falcons QB. Then says he things he’s overrated.
Matthew Stafford – Not the best out there but does what he has to do
Ryan Tannehill – First asked who was the Dolphins QB, then said doesn’t know enough about him but hasn’t heard good things. Ouch.
Tyrod Taylor – Underrated, similar player to Mariota
Deshaun Watson – Future MVP
Carson Wentz – Dominate the league for 5-10 years

There’s a lot of big opinions there and I’m sure he’s ruffled the feathers of a lot!