So what now for Teddy?

teddy jets

If you have listened to our podcast, you might remember that I thought the Jets picking up Teddy Bridgewater was a great move. They got a talented quarterback with a very high ceiling. If it didn’t work out, the Jets could have cut him with limited damage to their salary cap. And from all the reports, it seems the jets gambled has payed off. So now the Jets have a choice to either continue letting Bridgewater progress or to deal him off now to a team that a team while his stock value is high. As a fan of Teddy’s, I will look at what is the best case for his future career.

If Bridgewater stays at the Jets, he will likely get some game time. Although the Jets got their new franchise quarterback, the smart decision would be to not play him immediately. Currently, the jets have a poor roster and giving Darnold the reins from the off will only result in loses in my eyes. Unfortunately, it looks like it will be the same if Bridgewater starts. The difference is that Bridgwater won’t be given the same allowances Darnold will. Now the Jets have their quarterback to build around after they purged the team over recent years And that isn’t Bridgewater. If he does get game time and does well, he will set himself up for a long term contract elsewhere. If he gets game time and loses, he will be looking for a short term contract or a back up contract. The other major concern with him playing at the Jets is, he will be playing behind a weak offensive line. If I had spent two years out due to a knee injury, I would not like to be standing behind that line which will offer up a lot of sacks. So in reality, Teddy’s future isn’t with the Jets. That’s why a trade now will be beneficial I feel. But if he was to be traded, where to?

First on the list is the Buccaneers. After the whole Winston saga over the past number of weeks, there have been calls (from the media) to sign Bridgewater. It’s a good move for both. If Teddy can beat Ryan Fitzpatrick to the starting role in September, he will have at least three games to impress. For the Buccaneers, they need to make a call soon whether they trust Winston or not to be their franchise quarterback. If the answer is no and Bridgewater impresses, it could be a simple plug and play. Buccaneers have good talent on offence and defense but have been missing consistency at quarterback. Bridgewater could bring that.

Provided there are no injuries to starting quarterbacks, there are two other teams I’d like to see Bridgewater go to: the LA Chargers and the New York Giants. At both, he will be the backup quarterback until his respective quarterback retires or he wins the starting role off them. However, this will give him time to learn from two of the top quarterbacks and eliminate any fears that he might have regarding his knee. He will then be handed over a team with huge capability in both cases.

If teams are interested in Bridgewater they will want to see him in action first. Preseason is the best opportunity for this but preseason could be too late if teams like the Buccaneers are hoping he will be ready for the season opener. Don’t be surprised to hear of a trade before or just after training camp. Or perhaps, Fitzpatrick can work his magic to give the Buccaneers confidence in his abilities.