Last Chance U Season 3 Preview

In 2016 Netflix brought out Last Chance U, and it quickly became a hit, not only with football fans but casual spectators too.

The original two seasons followed Buddy and the crew at East Mississippi Community College. Scooba became the setting of an intriguing football program where Division I talent tried to earn redemption not only on but off the field, with help from the ever popular Brittany Wagner. The series has been hugely popular, but Netflix had made the decision that they would follow a different football program for the third installment.

This decision shocked some, why change a winning format? They claim they have told the story they wanted to in Scooba, but you would have to feel the positive reaction to when they followed the Coahoma football team during Episode 6 of Season 2 may have led to the decision. Viewers were given a taste of a new team, one that was suffering loss and loss, and people were intrigued.

In this article we will give a quick round-up of the new changes. First of all, the program. This season will follow Independence Community College in Kansas. The expectations of ICC Pirates (get used to that!) are a lot different to that of EMCC. They are the underdogs. After a prolonged losing streak the film crew will follow them on their journey to try turn the ship around. Pun somewhat intended.

Next. No more Buddy. Towards the end of Season 2 the fan reaction or perception to Buddy Stephens seemed divided. You could tell the constant camera’s on him was having an effect. This year Jason Brown is the coach of the ICC Pirates. Brown, straight outta Compton, is a former QB. He completely tore it up at college level before going un-drafted to the Kansas City Chiefs. While it didn’t work out for him in the NFL he then bounced around NFL Europe and Arena Football. Brown has excelled in coaching. Stints at Compton Community College, Long Beach Cabrillo High School, and Garden City Community College have seen him win Junior College Coach of the Year awards twice, and over 130 players make it to Division I football and even the NFL. The credentials are there.

The season follows the additions of Jason Brown, who’s job it is to steer the ship in the right direction and get the wind behind their sails, ok I’m sorry. The trailer has made it look like he will be a very interesting character and his relationship as a new coach entering with the players will be a fun one to watch. I reckon people will either love him or hate him.

As always with Last Chance U the attention now turns to the academic advisor this season. Latonya Pinkard. I honestly can’t say much about her, I have tried digging but all I can find is that she is the English Professor. She does have one of the best quotes of the trailer though.

“I see a Trainwreck coming. I am the train so moveI see a Trainwreck coming. I am the train so move”

That alone is enough to win me over as a fan! But with the popularity that Brittany had she may need time to win over the viewers.

In conclusion I’m delighted with the decision to move on. Some will whinge about it but truth be told the 2nd Season felt flat at times. Buddy was monitoring himself and his behavior and it felt laboured, still enjoyable but not perfect. To mix it up with a new school is exactly what we need. You can’t always get what you want, but you find sometimes you get what you need….or in this case I got what I wanted and needed, I think….I’ll stop now.

JULY 20th. Leave. Enjoy your friends and family until then!

Watch the trailer. Quick shout out to the Lion roaring Scooba fan, the thing I will miss the most. He was a Saint. God bless you sir.


Trailer. Here. Click it. Bop it.