HBO’s Hard Knocks 2018: Where to next?

So now with the draft over all eyes will be turning towards the pre-season preparation for the NFL. As part of this annual routine most fans wait eagerly for the announcement of who HBO’s Hard Knocks will choose to follow this year.

The list is narrowed down to 6 possible teams, some far more exciting than others but overall a very good bunch. Below you can find my rankings of where I would want to the show to go to next.

1. Cleveland Browns

Easy right? Surely neutral fans are all hoping this is where the show will land. John Dorsey may have voiced his objection to the idea but it by far would be the most interesting of all the options.
Browns coming off a winless season are an exciting prospect. They have already added a lot of players to their team, such as Jarvis Landry, EJ Gaines and Carlos Hyde to name a few, improving both sides of the football field.

Browns are also in a rare situation where all of four of their QBs this season are new to Cleveland. And we can’t talk about the QB situation without the excitement around Baker Mayfield, who would easily provide entertainment. The list of interesting scenarios just keeps growing as you think about the prospect. A tidy draft including Denzel Ward and the highly tipped Antonio Callaway (being helped by Antonio Brown) adds even more interest. Plus how the team deals with the retirement of Joe Thomas.

And if you aren’t convinced by now just think of the bizarre Hue Jackson quotes!

2. Denver Broncos

This deserves a shot solely for Von Miller screen time! Always promised to be entertaining. Other than that Bradley Chubb’s arrival would be another interesting journey. The defence is a tasty proposition but maybe the most entertaining part would be the collapse of the QB camp.

Broncos have brought in Case Keenum, after his wonder season in a hope to steady the ship. Since the retirement of Manning, Elway and the Broncos have struggled to replace him. Elway seems adamant to continue with Paxton Lynch in the hope he will make the grade but it would be interesting to see a fit Chad Kelly breathing down his neck. Kelly of course would be another welcome interest with his history and uphill battle.

3. San Francisco 49ers

After Jimmy Garoppolo turned things around for the 49ers last season they began to look like a playoff standard team. Of course the big draw of going to San Fran would be seeing Jimmy G taking his first pre-season as a starter and franchise QB. Another draw would be seeing how Shanahan works, being one of the most highly tipped young HC in football.

49ers are going into this season with real playoff ambitions, something which will no doubt make their pre-season more interesting and competitive.

4. Baltimore Ravens

The Ravens always have enough personalities and characters to keep it interesting. That’s the sort of team that they are. A team expected to reach the playoffs leads to a tense and competitive pre-season which would be entertaining to watch unfold.

Another notable interest would be the addition of Lamar Jackson and how it affects Joe Flacco. Flacco refusing to comment on Jacksons addition after the draft has led speculation of his dissatisfaction over the situation. It will be interesting to see how he steps up to keep his spot while also trying to mentor the competition.

Also with Ravens GM Ozzie Newsome stepping aside after this season it would be a fitting send off.

5. LA Chargers

The Chargers find themselves in a sticky situation, the move to LA has not gone to plan, as evident from the fan refusing to call them “LA Chargers” while announcing their draft pick. The fans discontent with the move is one interesting factor but also the fact that the Rams have turned themselves into winners now has put even more pressure on them to perform.

There are a couple of interesting characters in the team, Joey Bosa would be entertaining for one, but not nearly enough to compete with the teams I’ve ranked above them.

6. Washington Redskins

I’m sure Redskins fans would find this interesting but this is the least exciting prospect of the list. The main story here is Cousins departure to Vikings and the addition of Alex Smith. And while I am a big fan of Alex Smith that’s not enough.

Let us know who you guys want!