Good things come to those who wait..

..and that should be the thinking of Ravens new QB Lamar Jackson.

While Baker Mayfield, Sam Darnold, Josh Allen and Josh Rosen will get most of the attention thrown their way Lamar Jackson has come out of the draft in arguably one of the best positions.

With all the critics questioning Jackson’s abilities in the buildup to the draft it’s easy to forget this man has already won the Heisman Trophy in 2016 and came 3rd in the voting for 2017. Much attention was brought to his passing abilities, claims that he just threw and hoped, and arguments that he should consider switching to WR.

Lamar may rely on his athletic ability and used his run game as much as possible, but would you blame him? His running threat is incredible. Yes he needs to work on his passing game but it is nowhere near as poor as people like to paint. Just take a look at his stats.

  Passing Rushing
Career Comp Att Pct % Yards TD Int Rating Att Yards Avg TD
  619 1086 57 9043 69 27 142.9 655 4132 6.3 50

Finishing his college career with a completion rate of 57% doesn’t look the prettiest. But then again Allen finished with a 56.2%. In terms of QB rating for college career Lamar at 142.9 came in as the third highest of the drafted QBs in the first round.

Now with that in mind back into the pick. Baltimore Ravens. This one not only excites more than some of the earlier QB picks because it will be a fascinating one to watch unfold. Since drafting Joe Flacco in 2008 the Ravens have only drafted two other QBs. Any guesses? The easy one is Tyrod Taylor, but the second is Keith Wenning. Neither of which were taken during the first 5 rounds!

Ravens pulling the trigger on Jackson and in the first round no less, only points heavily towards the scenario that he is the heir apparent. If I was a Baltimore fan I would be excited. Dual threat QBs tend to be overlooked at times and their values lessened, especially if their run game captures most of their highlight reels, however Ravens have a system that could see his style flourish. Also he will get a year or two to sit behind Joe Flacco, absorbing information, learning and improving his passing game while familiarizing himself with the playbook.

While the other QBs will get the glory for now and look towards Rookie of the Year award, the majority will be thrown into tougher environments with higher expectations. It will come down to not only how quick they can adapt but also their mentality. All these QBs will go into locker rooms where the experience will vary from journeymen QBs, fellow young QBs still getting into the league or an experienced backup, while Lamar on the otherhand will be learning from studying with a Superbowl winning QB.

Lamar has a lot of work to do but by the time the 2019 season comes around we could see Lamar Jackson starting for the Ravens, and who knows, he may even be more ready for a playoff charge the most of the QBs taken ahead of him.