Draft Combine Current Records

With the 2018 draft just around the corner, let’s take a look at the current combine records across all seven events.

The 40 yard dash

One of the most talked about events at the combine each year, we will start with the 40 yard dash. Simple enough concept: run 40 yards as fast as you can. The existing recorded was beaten by John Ross in the 2017 combine. He ran the distance in 4.22 seconds, beating Chris Johnson’s previous record of 4.24. Brown went on to be drafted by the Cincinnati Bengals with the 9th overall pick. The first round wide receiver’s rookie season was regarded as a disaster, however, as he failed to live up to expectation and only played one game all year.

Bench Press

Another favourite of many, the bench press is used as a measure of an athlete’s upper body strength. The athlete must bench 225 lb as many times as possible. The current record is held by Justin Ernest with 51 reps. unfortunately for Ernest, he never appeared in the NFL after failing to be drafted.

Vertical Jump

From a standing start, this is a measure of the players explosiveness off the spot. Gerald Sensabaugh holds the record for this event after jumping 46 inches into the air. Sensabaugh was drafted in the fifth round by the Jacksonville Jaguars in the fifth round. The safety played in the league for 8 eights, split between Jacksonville for the first four years and then the Dallas Cowboys for the remainder.

Broad Jump

Same idea as the vertical jump, except horizontally. In 2015, Byron Jones did not just set a new NFL Combine broad jump record but also a world record broad jump record. He leaped a total distance of 12‘’3’ (unofficially). Jones was selected in the first round by the Dallas cowboys, 27th overall. He gained the starting free safety role in November 2015 and has started every game for the cowboys since.

3 cone drill

This drill gives insight into a player’s ability to change direction at pace. Jeff Maehl is the current holder of this record with a time of 6.42.  He ran this time in the 2011 NFL but it wasn’t enough to get drafted. He did sign with the Houston Texans in July but didn’t record a single catch. He was later traded to the Philadelphia Eagles where he continued to be a player low on the depth chart. He recorded 9 catches in two year for 113 yards and a touchdown before being dropped.

20 yard shuttle

The final three drills are all about a test of the player’s acceleration, deceleration and ability to change direction. Kevin Kasper was drafted by the Denver Broncs in the 2001 draft after running the 20 yard shuttle in a record breaking 3.73 seconds. Kasper went on to bounce around the league etween 2001 and 2008 playing for a total of 9 teams. In this period he did win a super bowl ring with the New England Patriots in 2004 where he was used as a kick returner.

60 yard shuttle

The final drill is a bigger version of the 20 yard shuttle. Shelton Gibson, a wide receiver set a record of 10.71 seconds in this event in 2017. He went on to be drafted in the fifth round by the Philadelphia Eagles. He made two receptions for 11 yards in the 2017 season.