Cleveland Brown Draft Needs

With the 2018 NFL draft upon us, lets look at the Cleveland Brown’s greatest needs.


From 2016, it is clear that Deshone Kizer will not be the franchise QB that Cleveland has been in search for. He isn’t the franchise QB that anyone has been looking for infact. He completed the year with a 53.6% completion rate, 2894 yards, 11 touchdowns and 22 interceptions. So how do the Cleveland Brow solve this? Well, they have two realistic options: draft a QB or  sign a veteran QB. In fact since i started this article, Kizer has been traded and Tyrod Taylor has be aquiered. I would like to point out that i had selected Cousins as the browns ideal QB to trade for but Taylor isnt a bad fallback in my eyes. We all know he is mobile but he also has a very nice deep throw when he wants to use it. In fact if you revisit the games he did start last year with favorable weather condition (i.e. not 3 feet of snow), you will find evidence of this in nearly every game. He generally goes long at least once in a game and has a very good return n this investment. So why doesn’t he do it more often you might ask. I don’t believe he had the tools at Buffalo to.

For me (and everyone vaguely interested in Cleveland football), its clear a franchise QB needs to drafted at number one.. This year’s draft class are a strong quarter back class so this option makes sense. So Sam Darnold or Josh Rosen. For me, Darnold would a nod get the nod but it will come down to who Cleveland like better. I am a fan of Allen with that huge arm as well and i believe he has a big potential. But if i was in Cleveland’s shoes, I’d still go Darnold as these time around they need to get a solid QB. Taylor can then be used to let their new QB grow int the position.

With the other first round pick, a good idea would be to strengthen the offense further. The running game has not been a strong area in Cleveland. If Saquon Barkley is still on the board, he at pick four, he would be a nice pick up. Alternatively, the Cleveland could draft a right tackle and give their new quarter back a little protection. With 5 total picks in the first two rounds, Cleveland will not have trouble finding cover here.


Last year, browns choose two defensive players in the first round. Their number 1, Myles Garrett, pick is looking like a superstar despite injuries. Cleveland should use this draft to find him a partner that can cause offensive lines trouble. Due to their two first round picks, it would be unreasonable to consider using the fourth pick on Bradley Chubb. Chubb is regarded as the best defensive player in the draft and could make his presense felt opposite Garrett.

With the likes of Antonio Brown and A.J Green in the same division, it is important for the Browns to find who can get to the QB like Chubb would. They need to strengthen their secondary and this can be achieved in the second round. They drafted Julius Peppers last year to aid with this but they are still left wanting at cornerback. Minkah Fitzpatrick is arguably the best cornerback in the draft but likely to go in the first round. Travis McFadden or Isiah Oliver will likely fall to the second round and both are accomplished cornerbacks. Personally i wuld like to see two corer backs taken in the second round.